Raysoccult, and his amazing traps!

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Raysoccult, and his amazing traps!

Post  Specter on Thu May 20, 2010 4:04 pm

this is all being Posted on behalf of a non member, but relevant all the same, as I have seen the trap and know the person who purchased it, he requested I copy and paste this message onto the forum for others to see.

Recently I purchased a very nice and fairly accurate trap from Raysoccult. It came with the following features. Smooth gliding wheels wheels,easily opening doors, real led cover and switch, accurate bolts and screws, and also real knobs and stickers, Very sturdy MDF consruction and metal. I love it and think it's some great work....I could go on and on about how nice it is and how good it came out but I'll just say this...If you see one for sale, snag it up! Also great communication, and fast shipping. The pleasure is all mine sir. Perhaps I'll have another.

Oh did I mention it was only $60 plus shipping? No proablly forgot to add how awesome his prices are. Keep an open eye from what I hear there will be more to come....many more.

Oh and Thank's a shit ton man.


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