Rules for forsale threads

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Rules for forsale threads

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:04 pm

there are some simple rules here, for protection of everyone,
for sellers: if you make a post please post a list of your items and pictures along with prices, and how you would preferred to be contacted, ie: website, email or though pm

there will be no flame wars in a sellers thread, i will moderate the threads and judge as i see fit. if your not happy with something i removed please send me a pm.
if there is past feedback for a seller available elsewhere you may leave a link in the thread. we can not escape our past, but we can change, and that's why i hope people that come here are doing if they had problems in the past.

if i read a link and it seams like just people ganging up on a person and not real feedback i and only i will remove it.


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